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Transparency and Money for Harmony of Home! “Transparency about pay and talking about money will go a long way,”  Yasemin Besen-Cassino, author and sociology professor at Montclair State University,  believes the pay gap starts around 14 or 15 years old and widens with age.  Generating divine answers to balancing our experiences in life begins with our universal life skills of which evolve around money.  Recognizing our outcome is a means to the beginning of our path.  No matter what race, gender, color or creed, it matter nothing more than numbers. When we can remove our emotions from our situations and effectively seek the simple solution first, it allows for ease and flow to the resolution. Recognizing our end result and pivoting along the way for the best outcome in support of your social environment, inclusive of the mindful and physical aspects of the concern while taking account of any emotional needs will begin to

Human Digital Banking is like a Virtue of the Heart We humans like the touchy feeling of being loved in many ways that makes us feel warm and fuzzy over our lives... Like a Concierge of Love, the home is the Virtue of the Heart...

Integrity of Home A precept to leading a great home life begins with the integrity of our life skills. Whether it be from respect for property or moderation in life... Recognizing and understanding how integral our professional and personal lives can be is important for our overall happiness of life. Health and Safety challenges, knowing your local Housing needs, and identifying thriving Jobs that match your Economic Development wants can really give us a boost in our step when we are aware and seek 1st to find our heart vs the actual brick and mortar home . Here is the catch... If you want long term affects... it's got to be in a 360 mindful approach... Recognizing our sensations for our spiritual, social, mental, emotional and physical feelings are key to really beginning to comprehend the end game we seek in life... If you keep asking yourself... Is this a

Cost Effective Lifestyle for Home

Paulo Coelho says: "When someone sees the same people every day, as had happened with him at the seminary, they wind up becoming a part of that person's life. And then they want the person to change. If someone isn't what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own." Finding home in our hearts and identifying the next steps in life can be imperative to a cost effective lifestyle... Ask me how?

Interdependance of Happiness in Home

Aristotle says: "Verbally there is very general agreement; for both the general run of men and people of superior refinement say that it is happiness, and identify living well and doing well with being happy; but with regard to what happiness is they differ, and the many do not give the same account as the wise." For it is in the values of each person to which creatively unites their interdependance. Ask me how...

The Housing Pickle If you're seeking 360 degrees of Harmony in home, look no further! Understanding the next move forward in life means understanding creative knowledge and rewards along with the forces of economics that play a key factor in our shared goals. Taking the time to prioritize our social needs along our career and life path, recognizing our jobs hold referent power while the moderation of living keeps us afloat. Ask me how we can structure your 360 degree approach to home!

Balancing your Power of House

Paulo Coelho says: "There is only one way to learn. It's through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey." The life path and priority of intention with moderate referent power and virtue will prioritize our social and political skills over lifetime. Ask me how this helps you... www.ChristineCerda com

Harmony in the Power of Real Estate

Plato says: "There is nothing I like better than conversing with aged men. For I regard them as travelers who have gone a journey which I too may have to go, and of whom I ought to inquire whether the way is smooth and easy or rugged and difficult. Is life harder toward the end, or what report do you give it?" Through Harmony of spirit, economy and development, the creativity of home, children and family give Humanity the reward in the precept of Truth. For it is in the divine nature of our experiences to which drives the need for our purpose of will and refinement of age. Ask me what this means....

Practicality of Life

Aristotle says: "Shall we not, like archers who have a mark to aim at, be more likely to hit upon what is right?" In theory of practicality, it has been dually noted when combining skills we can spin into affect divine life force. Understanding precepts, virtuosity along with professional, financial and Political skills will allow for the art of balancing life. Ask me how...

The Natural Law and Order of Financial Success

Socrates says: "A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true." In cases of financial skills to life... imperative is the key for the 360 degree approach to the natural order of law. When removing the emotion we are left with other faculties of law which one can depend... These are... In the order of importance... As follows: Material Potential Social Physical Mental Universal Ask me how to utilize them...

Rationality of Good Decisions

Leonardo da Vinci Says: "It is an acknowledged fact that we perceive errors in the work of others more readily than in our own." When attending to social life in our professional world, skills that are mindful and emotional interact with the structure of our spirit.  The length of time alive will also interject stance and tempo. Through natural and social law, understanding natural goodness, morals and virtue lead us to practical rationality of making good decisions. This is the essence of divine practicality and law combined with nature. Ask me how...

Virtue of Heart and Home

Albert Einstein Says: "Understanding of our fellow human beings...becomes fruitful only when it is sustained by sympathetic feelings in joy and sorrow." Through the natural law of love language we experience emotional and social ups and downs through our lifetime.  This is God growing us up... Minute by Minute! Divine Providence comes with the understanding of natural goodness, practical rationality, universal love by virtue of the heart and home. Ask me how...

Harmonizing Home and Finance

Abraham's Law of Attraction: "Most people have put anything that earns money in the category of the things that I HAVE to do. And that is why the money often comes so hard." Practicality of finance shares the lesson that first we must know thyself and what is necessary to our respect of life. Thru this learning we process priority and prosperity through the practicality of our goal of balanced living... Typically this is over Home.... In our hearts, our family, our profession, our nature... And finally thru our divine beliefs. The shared goal of a harmonious life is to find repetitive respect for property through integrity, moderation and in divine truth thru the intellectual volition of universal order. Ask me how ?

Know Thyself Firat Part 2

Paulo Coelho says: "That is why it is so important to let certain things go. To release them. To cut loose. People need to understand that no one is playing with marked cards; sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Don't expect to get anything back, don't expect recognition for your efforts, don't expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. Complete the circle. Not out of pride, inability or arrogance, but simply because whatever it is no longer fits in your life. Close the door, change the record, clean the house, get rid of the dust. Stop being who you were and become who you are." Clarity of self comes thru the universal and intellectual order of the rhythm and tempo.  This  is key to a life lived  through the central direction of space and in the form of the word and colors of life. Ask me how ... www. Christine

Divine Order of Law and Truth to Harmony in Home.

Socrates says: "I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can... And, to the utmost of my power, I exhort all other men to do the same... I exhort you also to take part in the great combat, which is the combat of life, and greater than every other earthly conflict." The wealth in life can be seen thru truth of  home in the order of Divine Law.  Whether from biblical terms, science, government, our family "ways" or our personal choices...  All we wish to achieve is home 1. Divine Law 2. Natural Law 3. Civil Law 4. Family Law 5. Personal Law Empowering generational wealth one home at a time. ⚜️

Harmonize Your Home

Plato says: "He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age. But to him who is of an opposite disposition, youth and age are equally a burden." Over the years, the greatest way I have experienced wellness and happiness in the home has been thru assisting people with kindness and affirmations, providing familys' with brotherly affection, in service of ourselves and to others, finding innocent friendships with the anticipation of  lasting relationships thru playful quality time and energy that promotes a 360 degree to the harmony of home. Ask me how I can help you do the same in your home! ❣️ 🌱🦚

The Missing Data Link

Aristotle says: "Now if you have proofs to bring forward, bring them forward, and your moral discourse as well; if you have no enthymemes, then fall back upon moral discourse: after all, it is more fitting for a good man to display himself as an honest fellow than as a subtle reasoner." When we miss important pieces of the puzzle... Sometimes we miss the premise of the Goal.  One must stop and ask the right questions in order to identify their moment of Harmony. Ask me how this relates to real estate ❣️

Manifesting Greatness with Imagination

Albert Einstein Says: "Imagination is the highest form of research." The Artful nature and Universal order of color, senses, organs, music, elements, numbers and directions create the divine  nature of law and order in life! The order of importance is key when manifesting greatness!

Virtuosity in Action

Leonardo da Vinci Says: "Who sows virtue ought to reap honour." Virtuosity through divine altruism is but the initial act of human kindness based on the foundation of the family's goodness which then oversees the mindful respect of economy.

Life Law in Action

Abraham's Law of Attraction: "It’s not about action… It’s about vibrational alignment." By the time we take action on the physical plane we are already five times in play.  As humans we need to consider how we act rather than what we do.  There are times when it takes a bit more time to be mindful and divine with our words and actions.  Enjoy these steps in order to find vibrational alignment in action... Step 1, the initial Inspiration. Step 2, the consideration of the Act Step 3, the will of Vision Step 4, the Voice of reason Step 5, to Act or NOT to Act... This is the question you must ask yourself first!  Although to identify the correct answer one must know thyself first in order to identify all parties across the table correctly.

Know Thyself then Know thy Home!

Abraham's Law of Attraction: "And once you begin looking into your life experience and begin to see the absolute correlation between what you are speaking, what you are thinking, and what you are getting, then you will clearly understand that, indeed, you are the inviter, you are the attractor, and you are the creator of your physical experience." Over the years selling real estate to families has been successful due to several important things.... 1.  Understanding the family Harmony and the Spirit of their intention in the moment. 2. Recognizing their Physical human and Structural needs in the moment. 3. Addressing how each party felt emotionally in the moment. 4. Understanding their current mindset as well as the future mindfulness of where we were going. 5. And last recognizing the process in which to get there in the most expedient and economical way. This is the full 360-degree approach to home!

Divine Nature of Da Vinci The divine nature of elemental colors, senses and organs bring out the harmony of universal order through the distinction of uniqueness.  Know thyself... And only then we can begin to distinguish who sits across the table from us. 💚

Divine Law & Power of Love When understanding the natural goodness of morals, virtue, practical rationality and divine providence, the natural law begins to takes effect there in by reversing the erosion of humanity.