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🌍 Top Five Global Risks πŸ’­

🌏 Top Five Global Risks ⛈ πŸŒͺ World Economic Forum 2020 🌍 1. Property, Infrastructure and Loss of Human Life (Human Capital) 2. Mitigation & Adaptation Failure 3. Major Biodiversity Loss and Ecosystem Collapse 4. Natural Disasters 5. Human-made Environmental Damage Disasters & Crime (List is presented In Terms of Likelihood and Severity of Impact) agenda/2020/01/what-s-missing- from-the-2020-global-risks- report/

🟠 Reciprocity ♾ Laws 🧿

🟠 Reciprocity ♾ Laws 🧿 πŸ”³ Serial Reciprocity πŸ”² "Pay it Forward" Affect 🟣 Ubuntu (philosophy) ‘A person is a person through other people' Self Realization πŸ”΄ 🧿 Reciprocity (social and political philosophy) 🟠 concept of reciprocity as in-kind positive or negative responses for the actions of others; relation to justice; related ideas such as gratitude, mutuality, and the Golden Rule πŸ”΅ Reciprocity (social psychology)🟑 in-kind positive or negative responses and actions of others πŸ’  Reciprocity (international relations) 🟒 principle that favours, benefits, or penalties that are granted by one state to the citizens or legal entities of another, should be returned in kind 🟒 Reciprocity (cultural anthropology) πŸ’  way of defining people's informal exchange of goods and labour 🟑 Norm of reciprocity πŸ”΅ social norm of in-kind responses to the behavior of others 🟠 Empathy 🧿 the capacity to understand or feel

🟠 International Code of Ethics Adopted 🧿

🟠 International Code of Ethics Adopted 🧿  Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together Arab  Media Convention 2020,   Feb 3 & 4 ⚫️ It highlights the need for a πŸ•‰ Sense of πŸ’Ÿ Community & Goodwill ☯️ to Promote Justice ⚖️ & Peace ☮️, Guaranteeing Human ⚜️ Rights & Religious πŸ› Freedom"πŸ”˜  πŸŒ–The 10 Golden RulesπŸŒ” DAILY WORK PRINCIPLES   ♾ Ethics 🟀f Reciprocity ♾ 🟣 1 Highlight Human Values, Rights, Respect & Innocence for Civilians & Children πŸ”΄  🧿 2 Solidarity with Migrants, Uphold Right to a Dignified Life 🟠  πŸ”΅ 3 Promote Mutual Co-Existence, Acceptance & Values of Friendship 🟑  πŸ’  4 Promotion of Women's Human & Equal Rights 🟒  🟒 5 Promotion and Protection of Family πŸ’   🟑 6 Promotion of the Rights of the Disabled πŸ”΅  🟠 7 Help in the Fight Against Trafficking of Children & Humans 🧿  πŸ”΄ 8 Pre

Feds Hold Rates

You gotta have a Heart πŸ’š ~says the Tin Man It is a Golden Opportunity for Guidance that will be Needed 360 by the Voices of Reason when the Season is Right! 🧬🌍🌎🌏🧬 🧿 360*HumanCapital🟠 Belonging~Instincts~Endurance~Peaceful~Realize🧩 🟨 QCKD creates a genuine kinship for the motion of Plasma to which can help the HUD CFPB DBO & SBA begin to Restore Stamina & Creative Genuine Sensible Relationships in the Short... with the CDC AMA USDA DHHS for 🧩 Generating 🌟Cause πŸ—£ Affect to πŸŒ€ Balance in a more Gentler-way to calm Nervousness & the Respite situations that may be affecting the ability to Digest & Assimilate for all HC360🌎🌍🌏 🟦 QED is a really interesting place where possibly transitioning our Sight, Thought, Endurance & Volume πŸ›‘ to Instinctually expand our focus in partnership with the DOD DHS FDIC DOT to generate an Immunity to Fiscally and Responsibly Commoditize to assist the Integumentary Systems of the World as our Forces want

Grey Hair Cured!... Almost

πŸ’§Grey Hair Cured!... almostπŸ™‚ Food for Thought πŸ’­ ReflectionπŸ€” Suggestion... πŸ¦‹ 🌟 Check it out 🧬 it may be a Sense of Gentle Endurance for a sprinkle of πŸ’¦ and Thought πŸ’­ to create Stamina πŸ’ͺ🏼 for Genuine Restorative 🧬 Cell repair that may Assimilate ♾ to the Digestive πŸŒ€ability to calm the Nervousness 🧠and Respiratory πŸŒ¬πŸ’¨ systems Simultaneously for Mammals. 🌍 The process of Sensitivity πŸ’™ to Taste πŸ‘…Touch πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Smell πŸ‘ƒand Thought 🧠 may associate the Empathic πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ☹️Feelings of Emotions that affects the Ability πŸ—£ for the Mammal to Digest πŸ’­Thoughts that then affect Cell 🧬 Damage... πŸ”΅ “Understanding how Stress 🀑affects Stem Cell Populations, which seed all of the cells in the body, from Skin ✋🏼cells to 🩸 Blood cells and Hair πŸ‘³πŸΌcells, could provide clues about how to cope better under stress and perhaps even age in a more healthy way. “ 🟑 Ya Chief-Hsu #PowerofHouse

Dating App Violates Privacy

Got these APPS? .....Privacy Just Sold Grindr Tinder OkCuipid Happn Clue MyDays Perfect365 Qibla Finder My Talking Tom 2 Wave Keyboard Possible QKD or QC can help?!? Data Privacy to the Rescue! Please #powerofhouse

StarPower of GreenPeace & Animation

The Clear Essence and Eloquence of the Animated Intelligence is really awesome! The Relative Nature to Sense by Seeing, Hearing, Thinking, Singing, Laughing, Feeling, Synthesizing and Experiencing is the 360 Expression to Advocacy! Here's to the Peaceful and Restorative way for the future of Turtles and the Ocean and the Corresponding Compensatory Laws to put them into Affect! #PowerofHouse

Is the US in a Housing Bubble?

🟩 House of the Differential Accumulation Bubble 🟦 🌏 Differential Accumulation Theory sees stagflation oscillate inversely with periods where mergers and acquisitions are dominant as a major strategy of dominant capital groups to "beat the market" or exceed the normal, average rate of return on investments. 🌎 Inflation in Stagflation, does not affect all firms equally. Dominant firms are able to increase their own prices at a faster rate than competitors. While in the aggregate no one appears to profit, Deferentially, dominant firms improve their positions with higher relative profits and higher relative capitalization." 🌍 Check it out! #powerofhouse

First Day of School 2-2-2020 Jo Koy: Lights Out

🌍 Funny & Great Connection of the Emotional Intelligence in the πŸ—£ Power of Communication in a Child 🧩 as the Pragmatic approach of Family begins to Quickly Challenge the Philiated Co Dependent Friendship 🌊 that has been created... πŸ’• possibly the Hyper Philiated Moods of the individuals can be Balanced through a Common Sensed and Fun approach for both Parents and Children to Release, Preserve and Relearn ❤️ their Loving Relationship Roles between Parent πŸ’š and Friend🌊, by having a cool Role Playing Drama or Theatre Class to Act it Out! Amazing for all parties 🧬simultaneously in the school districts to create a Trusted ☮️ Relationship for All Involved ALWAYS, in all ways 🌏 🟩 Understanding, Action, Realization, Resolution 🟦 πŸ—½ Possibly utilization of a Population, Demographic or Sociological Survey may help! 🧩 🧿 Envision the Quantum Power & Communication & Wave of Plasma Accolades ALL would receive Globally for the Generation, Correspondence and C

Human Capital