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360* to the Power of Home Economics & House Can gap lending for gentrification create a short term solution for existing single family residential properties that can enhance the sustainability of home ownership now while long term policies are implemented? Imagine providing a 1% lending credit annually, to every house owner for preservation purposes.  This will begin to enable a 360* approach to the Power of Home Economics and the long term sustainability of family and home. While California falls short at approximately 3.5 million units of housing; zoning, laws and land development can be seen as long term affects while immediate changes to both sides are needed simultaneously. When families have stable, decent,and accessible homes that they can afford, they are better able to maintain employment, perform better in school, and achieve improved health and well-being(Desmond & Gershenson, 2016; Maqbool, Vi

Art of Compatibility and the Power of House The mindful voice leads the child thru nature by nurturing what they believe, think, see, hear, speak, feel, create, taste, touch and experience; thereby enhancing the art of compatibility of self rather than combat society. The lifetime skill once the basis is understood, will nurture the human into balancing the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual stamina of self, family and societal relationships. Speaking truth, thru moderation, integrity, respect for all life and property can begin to assist in the process that prioritizes the prosperity of people. Find your American Dream in the Power of House!

The Power of Realtor in Real Estate!

Industry Secrets of the Realtor

Power of Monsanto and House

https :// The universal power of law and house surrounding the quality of daily living can be seen thru experiential challenges voiced thru intellectual and emotional conversations. Harmonizing synergistic efforts around educators, scientists, humanitarians and ethics teams can begin to organize the need for civility.  This can be directly addressed by understanding of the moral/personal law to which affects the eternal/family laws.  This will lead us to the natural/ethics that fall into civil/man made law... The question is... How do we get there while providing a substitution that will adequately address the initial reasoning for the creation of the deadly affects when the presumption was not malice ?

Affordability of Life, House, Home and Health Synchronizing happiness of home is key in the overall health and order of our US citizens.  The integrity and unification of House & Home are the balancing acts for long term family prosperity. Here's why... When we consider the physical health of family as it relates to career and life path, there is a direct correlation to a FinFit house and a healthy happy home.  The trick is to understand the 360* of Agape (Universal) love to identify the basis of Storge (Familial) love of Home vs Pragma (Lasting) love of House in order to identify Philautia (Self) love and need. For instance, If the average age of a house in the United States is ~40 years old , let us consider the structural maintenance that is necessary to the asset over a lifetime.  According to the  NAHB on The Aging Housing Stock , these homes imply a growing need for renovation as " homeowners will rather