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Billionaire Will πŸ’› & Focus 🧿

The  Power to Will πŸ’› Authenticity into Action is thru Dedicative Restorative Experiences πŸ’™ to Harmonizing 🌎 our Mindful Flow for Focus 🧿 Life into Balance ⚖️ Cerdafied ⚡#PowerofHouse, 🏑 & ⚖️ for Land

🌏 Elite πŸ’° Money Bind

Mindful 🧿 Action ⚡  & Teamwork ⚓ Binds ⚖️  ⚕️ Health 🏑 Home & πŸ‘‘ Minds to Restore 🌏 Timing 🧭 to a Land DiviningπŸ–Ό️ Ask me How! Cerdafied ⚡

Binding ⚡ 401 & 🏑Kind

The πŸ’› of 401 Restoration is like a Fine Wine 🍷... And let us Bind it Now as I can Show you How.... For  Authenticity Restore the Balance to #PowerofHouse 🏑, Land & Families'of ALL kinds... Balancing Earth 🌏 & Sky ☁️ is to Health ⚕️ & Home 🏑 ... and Truly Divine ♾️ for the perfect frame of Mind 🧿. Aak us How! ⚡ Cerdafied

FunFit for FitBit

Thanks to AI all my words become popular! πŸŽπŸ§‘πŸ‘‘⚖️🏑⚡ Cerdafied FunFit, FamFit & ProFit Bright Life!

10. PGE Shares Pegged Legged SituationπŸŽ”♡

Our Shield to Faith to face one another headstrong in a Time of Need is Courageous and Honorable to Restore the Distress of the Globe and the Division which lies in the Firmament of the Earth. It is in our Atomic Need for Power and Control which created the very Vicious Fires which have Erupted our Ability to Assimilate, Immunize and Digest Track in Life. A potential focus for a Peaceful Surrender may be to Redirect our Energy to Experience the intestinal gall of the bladder of society by embracing the spleen, liver and pancreas which affect the light hearted self respected assimilation system to discover and vocalize a reasonable sense of Authentic Creativity for Long Term Stamina for our Ludus  Behaviors in the #PowerofHouse, Home & Land since the 1970s.

1. Quadratic Reciprocity to ♡πŸŽ”Dynamic Spirit of Agape

The Wisdom of ♡πŸŽ” is in the Freedom of a Unified Spirit of Liberty & Hope, for Well-Being will Delight, in a good rests night, to know WEareONE GlobalNation under a Spirit of Bright Light! While commodities lead our Faith of out of Sight, it is first to bring down a Star of Heaven of Light to guide & adjust our Bandwith of Choice & Sight. We MUST hold Faith in our Global Bretherns Gifts, which Delight Expand & Contract our Electricity burning so Bright. Bravery is in the PurpleπŸ’œHeart of Zeal; it is in the Theory to the Law of  Quadratic Reciprocit y, for the Reunion in a Dynamic & Unified Global Mindset is in the Heroic Spiritism which can be found in the Faith of Self, Family, Friends, Partners, Peers, Constituencies, Children, Seniors, Disabled, Veterans and More! We must Implore Patience, Discipline & Cadence for all Humanity, be Willing to Transform and Envision our Inner Achievement, with Emotional-Instincts, Intelligence and Great Discernment... f

2. Universal Domesticity - One Man, One House. πŸŽ”♡ Shapiro 1984

JANUARY 1, 1984 ❣ A Distributist Society EDWARD S. SHAPIRO Exerpts from the article... A Distributist Society πŸŽ”♡ For Americans to believe that democracy has meaning, they must believe that life itself has meaning. And yet “there is no meaning in anything if the universe has not a centre of significance and an authority that is the author of our rights.” “the idea of private property universal but private, the idea of families free but still families, of domesticity democratic but still domestic, of one man one house.” " The most important American social development of the past half-century has been the emergence of suburbia as the home of what very shortly will be an absolute majority of Americans .    In 1912, Hilaire Belloc wrote that suburbanization was the first step in the restoration of property.  He wanted the English government to guarantee loans for small land purchases, claiming “there is a un

9. PGE πŸŽ”♡ Re-Organize to Re-RePurpose their BK Bootstraps

9. PGE πŸŽ”♡ Re-Organize to Re-RePurpose their BK Bootstraps  Experiencing the  Polarity of a Literal , in Mathematical Logic , the Proof of Theory lies in the Resolution.  We must Simply Begin with the End in Mind. Let us Begin with the Laws of Compensation (Structuralism(biology)) and Mass Action which can assist us in identifying the next steps to understanding our Human Capital and how to Re-Work the Mindfulness of our Planet for the next 100 years with Collective Effervescence . Christine Cerda Excerpts from Wikipedia... Geoffroy's Law of Compensation [ edit ] Main article:  Cuvier–Geoffroy debate In 1830,  Γ‰tienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire  argued a structuralist case against the functionalist ( teleological ) position of  Georges Cuvier . Geoffroy believed that  homologies  of structure between animals indicated that they shared an ideal pattern; these did not imply evolution but a unity of plan, a law of nature. [b]  He further believed that if one part was mor

4. Space to Earth-Lingering Misconceptions ♡πŸŽ”

4. Space to Earth-Lingering Misconceptions ♡πŸŽ” https :// Please have Faith in our Spatial and Aetheric efforts here on Earth as WE LIVE here in ONEglobalNATION, INDIVISIBLE and would enjoy the efforts that are being made in Space, to be looked at equally and importantly as Earth. While 99% of the Population will remain here, WE BELIEVE in the INVENTORS, the INVESTORS,  the HIDDEN WEALTH and the very backs of the People to which built this country with their blood, sweat and tears. We Deserve a Chance and Stand our Ground on Earth as with a Bandwith, there are abilities to expand and contract just as a harmonic melody... we must simply find the right chord or symphony with the correct Maestro for the Magnum Opus in the#PowerofHouse, Home & Land. Christine Cerda

3. Purpose & Temptation in the Faith of "Our Father"? πŸŽ”♡

3. Purpose & Temptation in the Faith of "Our Father"? πŸŽ”♡ While there are times we may Misunderstand Words, it is important to realize we are ONEglobalNATION, INDIVISIBLE, for the LIBERTY of a UNIFIED SPIRIT to FREEDOM, JUSTICE and the HUMANITY OF ALL. Whether we suffer from the Endocronic or Limbic System of Life, we must work to find Charitable Love of Humanity and Spiritual Unity for Transforming our Beliefs for the Passionate Spirit for Wellbeing & Humanitys' Divine Purpose to Reformat & RePurpose our Lifestyles to the Betterment of our Local Surroundings. When we all speak as ONE, we are in UNION with ONE ANOTHER. We become as Fathers and Patriarchs, Mothers and Matriarchs, to All that surround each of Us, allowing our Citizens the Rights and Privileges of the Land for the Reciprocity of Life. There is Wisdom for All and the Mentality to Co-Create each Moment of our Days, Nights, Mornings and Afternoons, we simply must have patience in

Disambiguation πŸ’« AI to Privacy FDS

πŸ’™Sanger πŸ’«Disambiguation πŸ’› Disambiguation  or Better known as the Law of Cause and Effect, can share we are simply all Human, we think, we speak, we react and then we resonate... and then, we start over. Let us ALL begin again, as the congruence of the late 60's and the 70's has shed some interesting light to our nature and rhythms to life in the#PowerofHouse, Home and Land.

5. AI "Reachability" Captured for Time in a Bottle πŸŽ”♡

5. AI "Reachability" Captured for Time in a Bottle πŸŽ”♡  Time, Space, AI, EI and Co-Botics are helpful in conjunction with the Wisdom of the Faithful Authorities of Charitable Trust for the Love of Humanity. Reciprocity as a Reunion from Heaven to Earth is Necessary to align the Stars and the Sky with the Light and the Darkness through a Zeal for the Life in the #PowerofHouse, Home and Land. Christine Cerda "The result of the research is not a sense of time in the way we colloquially think of it. Instead, the computer is able to compute the necessary order of states of affairs. The capability, the authors argue, could improve reinforcement learning for things such as making sure that artificial intelligence doesn't cause unintended effects (imagine A.I. acting in a medical application.)" Read more in the Article below...

11. Unalienable πŸŽ”♡ Rights Commission ... Here Here!

11. Unalienable πŸŽ”♡ Rights Commission ... Here Here! The 1948  Universal Declaration of Human Rights , Mary Ann Glendon, having written a  celebratory narrative history  of how Eleanor Roosevelt and colleagues from around the world, worked under the auspices of the United Nations to draft the world’s first international bill of rights. Here are a couple of items from that document. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Preamble Whereas Recognition of the Inherent Dignity and of the Equal and Inalienable Rights of All Members of the Human Family is the Foundation of Freedom, Justice and Peace in the World , Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the A dvent of a World in which Human Beings shall ENJOY (emote) Freedom of Speech and Belief and Freedom from Fear and want has been PROCLAIMED AS THE HIGHEST ASPIRATION OF THE COMMON PEOPLE , Whereas it is Essential, if Hu- Man -ity i

8. Vatican2Gov πŸŽ”♡ RePurposing Unalienable Rights

8. Vatican2Gov πŸŽ”♡ RePurposing Unalienable Rights As we begin to Transform and Ground our efforts to Effectively Redefine our Unalienable Rights, let us focus on the Forgiveness and Seek a Beacon of Enlightenment to What Historical Patterns of Behavior can Share with Us. The FUTURE IS ADVANCEMENT FOR HUMANITY AS A WHOLE for we ALL MOVE in Rhythm and Time as the " Rhapsody in Blue " by Gershwin, carries a peaceful and flowing melodic nature to the Manic needs All Society Carries, which has so placed upon the Backs of our Citizens All over the World.  The affects to our Economic Stance are to our Skeletal System that Upholds the Regulatory System; which then Affects a Resemblance to the Muscular, Excretory, Integumentary & Regulation System of Human Kind. Let us consider be Brave, Fierce, Courageous, Calm and with Intention to Rise Above and come to a Unified Understanding for a Voluntary Truce to Transform our Planet as a 360* approach to Longevity and Life. For

Axis of the πŸ’˜ in Home

Wednesday is the Axis of theπŸ’˜ in the #PowerofHouse , 🏑 and the Cerdafied Fun to Life ! "Synthesizing Self Health for a Balanced Transformation to Mindful Acts of Creation" 🧑 Monday πŸ’œ Transforming Self Health πŸ’› Tuesday πŸ’™ Mindful Self Creation 🦚 Wednesday 🦚 Sensible Actions πŸ’™ Thursday πŸ’› Harmonizing Self Expression πŸ’œ Friday 🧑 Synthesized Self Healing gzsAjb5