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Six Cities Leading Shift in the Housing Market, According to First American Real House Price Index | Business Wire

Six Cities Leading Shift in the Housing Market, According to First American Real House Price Index | Business Wire : First American Financial Corporation (NYSE: FAF), a leading global provider of title insurance, settlement services and risk solutions for real estate. Contact Christine Cerda and how the Real Estate Solutions on the Power of House and Home Economics can work for you in your area!

First American: American Home Buying Power is Strengthening

First American: American home buying power is strengthening : In November, home prices climbed 0.8%, increasing 15.3% year over year, according to First American’s Real House Price Index. First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming said consistent growth among mortgage rates, household income and unadjusted house prices defined 2018's housing market. Find out how the #Powerof House can work for you whether you are a buyer or a seller!

Loving Life from the Anatomy of things Eating salad makes me laugh as this post leads me to consider the perspective of bone structure rather... 🎨 Anatomically, if we have a certain framework or skeletal system (S/M/L) in theory there is only so much weight a bone structure can handle for a lifetime. Once we identify our anatomical ability, the answer equates to a recommended  number in pounds. This is a 360* approach to loving life from the Anatomy of things... 🍀

"Lifelong Learning and Life Wide Learning" in the Power of Home Economics The Power of Home Economics can be seen here guiding families to life long education paths consisting of life time learning.  In continuing our education we create a sense of self worth thru our minds which then allows us to feel needed by our actions and discussions.   As a result, this then creates a healthy, safe and balanced lifestyle with the hope of providing the entire family an opportunity  for economic stability thru trust and unity, while giving the opportunity for all populations to live an experiential lifestyle that can materialize into skills for keeping the life force of people alive. Helping families find their way! Christine Cerda, MBA/GM

"REthink" in National Freedom in Education by Betsey Devos "Florida now outperforms nearly every other state in the Nation’s Report Card coming from nearly dead last.     Nearly half of all students in Florida exercise some sort of choice. And what is happening as more students are empowered with more education freedom? Students in every type of school do better. Right now – today – there are students across our country who are far too limited, who have no education freedom. Right now, a student is bored in her math class, but her school building doesn’t offer AP courses. Another student wants to apprentice at a local bank to earn while she learns to pursue a career in finance, but her school district doesn’t credit such opportunities. Another student is breathing in mold, another is dodging fists, and yet another is stepping over rats. And each one is forced to stay in the school that doesn’t work for them simply because they’re as

What REALTORS® Need to Know About the New Tax Law

The Power of Home Economics is in your hands, Christine Cerda What REALTORS® Need to Know About the New Tax Law : This video series with Evan Liddiard, Director of Federal Tax Policy for the National Association of REALTORS®, and Peter Baker of the Business Planning Group, gives an overview of 2018's new tax laws. The series offers guidance for individuals and families filing tax returns, the tax incentives of owning a home, as well as business tax changes for real estate professionals. Win for real estate on taxes View this email online January 24, 2019 Tax Win: IRS Provides Clear Test on How 20% Deduction Applies to Rental Income, Exchanges The Internal Revenue Service has issued  final rules  on the 20 percent business income deduction (Sec. 199A of the Tax Code) that was enacted in late 2017 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Among other things, the rules confirm that the deduction applies to your business income,

The Power of the House Squeeze The dip in relationships are due to consumption factors... The commodity of real estate has been levelled off by the differentiation of synergistic behaviors which has led to a greater need for Asset and Human Preservation. The squeeze to appease balance is little to none for the splice in life which has left no room for fun in the sun! Working in harmony with synergistic parts to the whole is key as a tech turnkey approach can free the minds of all easily.🌺 Economic jolts light the way for harmonic tech works for the advantage of all. 🏠 Ask me how the home court advantage has allowed me to watch all in advance of the fall !

Power of House for the Global Market Prosperity thru synergy of individuals can affect change of priority and global economic development for posterity to which can drive holistic health and safety movements for society. The worlds housing affairs affect a delicate balance of tempering happiness thru education that will continue to fulfill the basic needs of life while blending ideas of professionals that create continuity and momentumn as a whole. The Power of House and Home Economics is key for all countries and people. Find out how...

Sustainability Secret of House Up market Down market... Mid market... Sustainability of structure is also key if there is not Equity 🎀 Preservation adds value which stabilizes a home. Ask me the best way to do it or check out the Power of House on

Hidden Secret to Home "If we value education and we want to continue the economic growth that we are experiencing here in California it's vital that we have a strong public education system," said Heins, the CTA president. "The Los Angeles strike underscores challenges facing public school education in California, which is the fifth-largest economy in the world but ranks 40th among U.S. states in terms of per-pupil spending, according to the National Education Association. California's K-12 schools serve nearly 6 million students, or about 12 percent of the total pupil population nationally." What I can share... Providing sustainable education takes a mindful and healthy perspective to be safe...  This provides our children an environment which is practical for nurturing their ability to which supports ho

The Power of Home Economics and Life When addressing the aspects of practical life skills we can begin to identify with our imaginative being to greatness thru home and health of mind.

Sustainability in the US Economy for Home and Health Entrepreneurship, leadership and apprenticeship are a trifecta to the goals and fix for California. Action in all areas of California for these situations are critical for a model approach for national liberty and the pursuit of general happiness. Sustainable life is needed through a common focus of Health and Safety of people with regard to Housing that influence Education into Jobs that have creative and sustainable Economic Development for all thriving citizens in the US. This is key for generational health and wealth of all familys' 🎀

The Power of Home Economics and FinLit What a great way to learn life... Read more on the Power of House and why it's important for parents and kids to train their brains on mindful living!

Chinese support US Housing in 2019 With the continued growth of international buyers taking hold of US housing, preservation is key for all citizens who want to sustain ownership.  Knowing process is key! Seek out my book on The Power of House on just Google my name!

National Home Preservation Credit A consideration of a Preservation Credit directly from the lender can be key. The average family lives in a home approx 14 years, while the average age of a home is 50 years across the United States, this can assist in sustainable living. Another factor to consider would be easing access and lending opportunities for ADUs/Casitas/Guest Home additions for homeowners as construction is much faster than a new-build. This would also allow contractors and other subcontractors to redirect their work for faster and quicker turnaround times with lesser permitting needs to which can allow cities to create a slightly larger property tax base which can assist in their local housing and homeless needs. This would also expand rental income opportunity for homeowners providing more accessible dollars for day to day