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The Power of House in 2019 my The term preservation comes to mind as the need for the economy grows to maintain home and land.  If you're in a pinch, it's a cinch, to focus on the personal and familial maintenances of financial growth.  Need to know more about how to preserve your home to maintain economic health... Find my book on for the Power of House!

Mindful Action in the Economic Power of Words Synchronized practicality of a globalized economy of affairs can be key for local market success. When we harmonize the local health of the global economies thru mindful decisions to the emotional aspects of national markets, we can focus on the actionable approach needed to actualize the best results. Speaking politically, overall economic development is key while identifying the health and safety of each country to considering the key anticipation of housing, education and jobs. Speaking professionally, identifying the altruistic connection to the physical/structural needs of a country to engage the mindful nature of the emotional and social needs of the people it serves in cities are critical.  Of Law and Power... The Spirit and Reward of the Powers of law can be seen thru the eyes of the Referent power as it relates to Civi

Practicality for a Change of Course to Asset Management A reorganization of national economic development, thru preferred educational paths, with a cross connection to the physical structures sustainable housing health can raise consumers' confidence regarding their ability to maintain their own personal will to quality of health and safety standards of life;  thereby a key to regrouping the global markets as a whole. A surplus of jobs has been challenged by the quantity of people to produce the will to have a quality of sustainable life for a 360* approach which is necessary in the US during this period of time in history. If the keys are to sustain wellness as a whole, via a fiscally responsible human, with the potential to garner social standings and emotional well-being, bringing one to take physical action in a mindful way to the universal approach of sustaining wellness of home and happiness is imperative. Direct links connecting employment to on the job training wi

Harmony and the Practicality of Buffet

K It's not what you know... It's what you do with who and what you know... You know! Inquisitively...the margins were the key to the deal...doubling down in the gamble of money and life can persevere when one has the Precepts in place such as Buffet, to which speaks to truth with moderation and integrity thru the respect for life and property... this brings to light the reward of legitimate, expert and referent Organizational Powers all in one round robin approach. Bravo to the harmony of financial skills thru the polyphany of understanding process, people, priority and the prosperity of a great deal for all involved!

Deutsche Bank Offices Are Searched in Money Laundering Investigation How does real estate, land, money and friendship can put a kink in the worldly economy... ? While we all grow up with intellect and genius, understanding our personal agenda vs the universal outcomes of a 360 degree approach to sensibility and the organizational power of reward may need a bit more discussion. Practicality of universal life skills when it comes to mental, physical, emotional, social, potential and material outcomes can be helpful. Ask me how I can help make that change for you!