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HUMAN V PHYSICAL CAPITAL fiscal strategy Unlike physical capital, which is easy to find on the balance sheet (and in the notes to the balance sheet), the Value of Human Capital is often assumed. In addition to Goodwill, Analysts can value the impact of human capital on operations with efficiency ratios, such as return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE).

Evolution of Golden Rule
Human Capital v Physical Capital

Golden Rule (Math)

Golden Rule (Faith)

VIRTUE JUSTICE Roman canon law is a fully developed legal system, with all the necessary elements: courts, lawyers, judges, a fully articulated legal code principles of legal interpretation, and coercive penalties, Though it Lacks Civilly-Binding Force in most Secular Jurisdictions.

Evolution of Golden Rule Altruism Brain Physiology PreFrontal Cortex, Physiology Primates/Psychology Mag…
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Dear Pope, Discerning a “Good Time” between Intellectualism and Creativity challenges the Sociological Cross Culturalisms of Sexuality with a Dynamic mix of the Sociology of Observance...
Therefore, Like a Belt that brings Justice to a Waistline...  
Sometimes we need a Global Guideline❣️ respectfully...
World Economic Forum 2020TOP 5 Global Affects to Weather Risks5. Human-made Environmental Damage Disasters & Crime2. Mitigation & Adaptation Failure3. Major Biodiversity Loss and Ecosystem Collapse1. Property, Infrastructure and Loss of Human Life (Human Capital)4. Natural Disasters(Order of Reciprocity:🍎Cardinality Continuum πŸ’  Set Theory!)

🌍 Top Five Global Risks πŸ’­

🌏 Top Five Global Risks ⛈
πŸŒͺ World Economic Forum 2020 🌍
1. Property, Infrastructure and Loss of Human Life (Human Capital) 2. Mitigation & Adaptation Failure 3. Major Biodiversity Loss and Ecosystem Collapse 4. Natural Disasters 5. Human-made Environmental Damage Disasters & Crime (List is presented In Terms of Likelihood and Severity of Impact)

$26B... AI Tampering

πŸ’  Human Capital 360 πŸ’  DEFINED

πŸ”΅ POWER OF AMERICA🟑 πŸ’  Human Capital 360 πŸ’ 
World Health Organization 2019 Health Defined: a state of Complete Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 
🧿Our Behaviors (MENTAL HEALTH) and  the Community in which we live (ENTERTAINMENT)🟠

πŸ”΅ Heart of America 🟑 HC1 Health Rankings 2017

πŸ”΅ Heart of America 🟑 is the Power to Dream & Achieve...  Axis is the Balance of Three Powers...  House, Home Economics Human Capital .... Great News! If we FOCUS on ONE Major Topic at a time, Rely on the Stats and Professionals, Re-Focusing of our Dollars to what is NECESSARY for those that wanting to Live rather then focusing on the Dying, is fiscally logical, common sensed & responsible. for we cannot save the world if we cannot save ourselves first... Seems Resiliency to Control ones Behavior of the Mind & the Will to Take One's Health into their Own Hands can assist in a Variety of items below... freeing up a bit of our Budget!  Do you see the two patterns of behavior between πŸ”Ί πŸ”»as well as within the context of each section? 2017 Health Rankings USAπŸ”Ί 1. 🟣Since 2007 Drug deaths up 104% & 37% since 2017 πŸ”΄ 2. πŸ”΅ Since 2012, Diabetes up 15% adults 🟑 3. πŸŸ£πŸ§ΏπŸ”΅ Since 2012, Obesity up 11% adults πŸŸ‘πŸŸ πŸ”΄ 4. 🟠 Since 2018, Mental Health providers increase…

Housing Reciprocity Policy

πŸ”³ Exploration πŸ”³
Influence: Science & Practice

πŸ”² Innovation πŸ”² 
Pay it Forward (Serial Reciprocity)

⬜️Air/ Environment 🟫
Evolution of Cooperation
πŸŸͺ Faith πŸŸ₯
Golden Rule: Due Unto Others (Social-Political) 🧿 Ec Dev 🟧
Socialization (Norm) 🟦 Education 🟨
Re-Distrbution (Cultural Anthropology) Kinship πŸ’  Health 🟩
Wolfram Golden Rule / Nash Equilibrium
Profit Margin  / E-commerce / Consumer Confidence

 πŸŸ© House πŸ’ 
(International Relations)/ Constant Value (Math) 🟨 Job Creation 🟦
Action/Reaction (Social Psychology) 🟧 Strategy 🧿
Understanding Another (Empathy) πŸŸ₯ HC 360 πŸŸͺ
Co-Operation (Evolution)

🟫 Water/Ag/Food ⬜️
Fairness (Cooperation) / Reciprocal Altruism: Tit for Tat πŸ”² Natural Resources/ Environment πŸ”²
Given (Gift Economy) / Microfinance

πŸ”³ Technology πŸ”³
Science of Morality

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