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Rent to Own Homes a Step in the Right Direction

  Posted on April 11, 2012 by Newsletter With thousands of Americans still struggling to make ends meet, people are learning to get creative to make good things happen in their lives. It’s especially true in the arena of rent-to-own real estate . The concept of rent-to-own has been around forever, but it’s often overlooked because it doesn’t fall under the category of more traditional real estate investment. Rent-to-own is similar to owning your home or investment property, but with a few key differences: Instead of paying money to a lender, you are paying rent to a landlord. A percentage of your rent goes toward your eventual full and complete ownership of the property, just like with a mortgage. Renting to own is a fantastic alternative for buyers with less-than-perfect credit scores who would have trouble qualifying for more traditional methods of financing. Because the landlord is the mortgage holder, he or she bears the risk and has already gone to the