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Cal BRE Spring 2018 Real Estate Bulletin from

Commissioner Wayne Bell's Message:

We Appreciate, Welcome, and Need Your Ideas, Input, Counsel, and Engagement—on Everything We Do

Some ancient societies underscored the value and importance of repetition of thoughts in leading toward advancements and results. So please forgive me if I follow their lead and repeat myself (in part) below.

As those of you who have read my commentaries or heard me speak in public know, I believe deeply in the importance of what is done by the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) and I fully endorse and emphasize CalBRE’s workplace values and its mission to safeguard and promote the public interests in real estate matters. Moreover, it has been—and continues to be—my goal as Real Estate Commissioner to continually improve CalBRE. That includes our operations generally, the content of the Real Estate Bulletin and all of our publications, and enhancing the value of what we do in the areas of examinations, licensing, education, enforcement and admi…

Dodd Frank Rollback - May 24, 2018

Trump Signs Dodd-Frank Rollback Into Law May 24, 2018 Phil Hall President Trump signed S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act, into law this afternoon during a White House ceremony. “This is all about the Dodd-Frank disaster,” the President said while flanked by members of Congress. “And they fixed it, or at least have gone a long way toward fixing it.” The President praised the legislation for reversing “the crippling Dodd-Frank regulations that are crushing community banks and credit unions nationwide. They were in such trouble. One-size-fits-all—those rules just don’t work.” Trump added that “Dodd-Frank’s complex and costly regulations gave large banks an unfair competitive advantage at the expense of neighborhood banks all over the country. Since Dodd-Frank’s passage just eight years ago, 20 percent of small banks have been put out of business—they’ve disappeared—while banks that were considered ‘Too Big to Fail,’ we’ve heard that many times, ‘…

Tiny Homes turn around Homeless Hardships

St George News 88 89/60 Wed90/61 Thu85/59 ‘My hardships became the best qualities in me’; Zion’s Tiny Homes creator says keep going through tough times Written by or for St. George News Sponsor May 14, 2018

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