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Rebirth for the 🧑 of House Mirth

The vision of 🧑 is in the mission to the intuition of the citizens self achievement to the #PowerofHouse, 🏑 and a Families' sustainable strategy for the emotional sight can be quite right when we have added value in sight to know what to grow in a tight row for a brighter light of generational wealth.

Universal πŸ’› for Land Law

Communication, stamina and sensibility  are trident in the universal land law and πŸ’› of the #PowerofHouse, 🏑 and Families' plan. One must take a stand for the constituencies' balancing act of the generation to preservation in the wealth of house, home and land. "While fees act as an important tool to mitigate the effects of new construction, the development and administration of these fees is often opaque and lacking oversight, greatly contributing to the complexity and cost of building new housing."

401k πŸ’› to Self Direct Affect

The SD IRA can provide a mindful alternative to authenticate a variety of income for generational wealth in the πŸ’› in the #PowerofHouse, 🏑, and Families' life.

GDP Equanimity is πŸ’› for a balanced US Economy

The sense in the πŸ’› connection to Ag and Commerce, may be quite the balancing act in the Justice of HUD and the #PowerofHouse, and 🏑Land, with the help of the Health & Human Service band, sprinkled with a dash of Reserve for the FDIC spread; as the Defense and Trade Security of UTC and Raytheon seems to keep the Interior land in the red due to the division of Communications in the larger telecom plan.

Hong Kong 🧑 for Saigon

A great 🧑 is in this example of the Hong Kong-Saigon housing vision, for the new US housing affordable mission, as the transparency can become a creative decision for flattery in the likeness of the strategy in a larger mission for a coalition in the cognition which can make us like a magician.

HUD is 🧑 in the Power of New House Legislative Hour

The 🧑 for the infinity of eight can create a regenerative to straight the wake of recession with a fantastic correction in the focus of the #PowerofHouse, 🏑 and Land succession for a great team impression thru HUD, DHHS, USDA, DOC, DOT, FDIC, DOJ, & Fed Reserve. A potential nine can be divine if we add the FCC in time.

Poly Life for πŸ’š of Family Ties

Philia  πŸ’™ is seen in beautiful, meaningful and youthful friendships such as can be seen in popularized celebrations and lifetime relationships below in the article. This is a great education for surrendering ourselves to learn expression for harmonizing the heart at any moment in life as we each seek reciprocity in having healing connections❣️ Long term Pragma expresses a vocalized advocacy for synthesis of the πŸ’š and builds a relationships' understanding and trust for deep authenticity. On the contrary, when we see affects that take hold of the body, we must take time to know thyself first; for the potential codependency of love can potentially lead to phobias and mood disorders affecting the Circulatory, Respiratory and Immunity System of ones health, as there are many examples to research! Knowing how to balance love all the time vs love you can't let go of, is

N.A.R. πŸ’™ for Strength in Property Rights

BREAKING NEWS June 25, 2019 Supreme Court Ruling Stands to Strengthen Private Property Rights On Friday, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in the case of Knick v. Township of Scott, a decision which NAR believes will lead state and local governments to be more thoughtful and deliberate when developing laws or regulations that could infringe on Americans’ private property rights.   Specifically, Knick v. Township of Scott declared that plaintiffs who have accused local governments of violating the Takings Clause of the U.S. Constitution may proceed directly in federal court rather than first litigating in local circuits, overturning a 34-year old precedent set by a 1985 Supreme Court ruling.   “A property owner has an actionable Fifth Amendment takings claim when the government takes his property without paying for it,” the Court’s opinion reads. “The Fifth Amendment right to full compensation arises at the time of the taking, regardless of post-taking remedies that may be av

High roller πŸ’™ for Solar

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Sense-Ability is πŸ’™ for all Humanity

Authentic and light hearted experiences will assist humanitys' stamina in being mindful in vocalizing respectful πŸ’™ for simple understanding of friendship.   Redefining comprehensive beliefs in connection to kind expressions of kinship will help focus on calming the nervous and respiratory systems to provide immunity and digestive restructuring and restoration to ones intellect for long term sense-ability and structure to the body. This may be assist in the elimination  of compulsive and perfectionist outbursts that may be perceived as obsessive or attachment disorders which seem to eventually lead to dis-ease such as diabetes, lupus, kindney failure and eventually dementias, stroke, epilepsy and Alzheimer's.

Global Ease 🧑 for Banking Risk of Dis-Ease

The jumpstart to the global 🧑 may be in part to an integral housing vision for a creative and yet separately sustainable decision, for regulating and reproducing a new system for all citizens to restart their own countries mission in equitable housing decisions.

Conscience Capitalistic Homes πŸ’œ Distributive Wealth for House and Land

Enthusiasm for birth is in the Potential for Conscience Capitalism  and Distributive housing stability for families to afford a 360* lifestyle. Balancing financial foundations with achievements can rehabilitate lives, allowing for adaptation to new stable environments which can give connection to positive and harmonious resources along with family assistance.  Having an authentic voice to preserve a mindful sense for the understanding  of a vision takes some energy and spirit to create infiniteπŸ’œ in the #PowerofHouse, 🏑 and a Families' happiness.

LGBTQ Modernization πŸ’œ in a Mindful Vision

Enthusiasm for the achieved exposure in πŸ’œ may be counter intuitive as a youths' impression makes for an awkward succession that leads to emotional disorder and depression thereby causing potential hyperactive desperation in the bodies' reproductive regulatory system.  This can lead to a lack of #PowerofHouse, 🏑 and Families' long term life impression.

Asylum πŸ’œ Balance for House

Modified asylum is in the πŸ’œ for vision of house ascencion for immigrants to maintain the legal promise for Health and Safety of the structures' intention.  This will allow for a familys' self achieved balance in the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️ and Work to a creative intention to remain in the freedom of a being a liberated citizen.

Stability lies in theπŸ’› of the Cost Appraisal

The sensible thing for the structural wealth in the πŸ’› of the generational family thing, would be to popularize the Cost Appraisal to legitimize and balance the playing field in the truth in commerce to moderate the #PowerofHouse, 🏑 and Land. This will share transparency in time, material, insurance and labor costs to balance all vendor authenticity for mindful preservation to the elasticity of the financial reciprocity.

Amazon Ohm for the πŸ’™ of Home

Fun will be won πŸ’™ in Bezos ability to run a play in stability, in providing a lifestyle to maintain a true repetitive acquisition program that supports the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, & Land for familys' beyond the educatability, of which will set an instantaneous-agility, for a foundation for Google Nation and the United Technological partnering abilities of the Global maintainability and Raytheon sustainability.

GoogleHouse πŸ’™ Joust in Central Cali Affordability

Fun will be one πŸ’™ in Googles ability to run a play in the US stability in providing a lifestyle to maintain a true repetitive acquisition program that supports the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, & Land for familys' beyond the educatability of which will set an instantaneous-agility for a foundation for Bezos Nation and the United Technological partnering abilities of the Global maintainability and Raytheon sustainability in the possibility of the Cali-Central Valley connectabilty.

Housing πŸ’™ for Rate Haul

Fun will be won πŸ’™ in the possibility of connectivity of UT- Raytheon global maintainability with Bezos & Googles ability to run a play in the US stability in providing a lifestyle to maintain a true repetitive acquisition program that supports the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, & Land for familys' beyond the educatability of which will set an instantaneous-agility for a foundation for the Nation and partnering abilities for global sustainability.

Dyslexia πŸ’™ Perplexia

Mindful communication of the intellect may be in the πŸ’™ of a disassociated cross connect to assimilate the intellect in the nervous systems relationship to restore experiential action of compensatory guidance for authenticity of the literal word for a trusted long term emotional harmonic balance in the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, Land & Familys' Values.

Mental Health πŸ’™ Phone Wealth

Guidance in the πŸ’™ of the intellectual relationship to restore mental wellness of the nervous system may be in the elimination of the experiential cell phone to balance the assimilation in the compensation and action of the mental restoration of life in the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, Land & Families' Life rights.

STD πŸ’™ for Balance Compensation & Relations

Mindful kinship restores πŸ’™ of playful friendship to eliminate and assimilate the nervous systems vibration and guidance to a structured mentality of intellect in the action and compensation of the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, Land & Family life.

Land Will πŸ’™ in ZuckerPunch

Kinship of land law and community restores assimilation of the mental health and nervous system to harmonize and guide the intelligence and structural vibration of the πŸ’™ of law and compensation in the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, Land & Families' historical rights.

Kawhi πŸ’› is in WillPower of Voice

The will power to voice the rightful noise is in the relationship to restore the πŸ’› of #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, Land & a common Familys' protection to generational wealth in the devoice of big corporate trust choice.

Ethical πŸ’› is Googled in AI Revoice

The restoration in the will of AI is in the relationship of the text choice as the difference between the literal voice of law vs the social rejoice of πŸ’› comes as mindful noyse in the average human assimilation to restore balance of health in the potential revoice to the happiness in the #PowerofHouse, 🏘️, Land & Familys' joys. thanks0927/google-ai-artificial-intelligence-ethics-jeff-dean-tech-companies-vergecast