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The Last American Dream, Click here if you want to SAVE Home Ownership!

Where real estate strategy & solutions become common sensed approaches to everyday problems! CORE Solutions Group are real estate experts seeking a few good people to help us raise capital for an amazing cause, helping people buy and keep a home out of trouble!  Imagine, what a concept... with your support, we can continue to educate the next generation about what it take to have, maintain and sustain a home!  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Our name sums it up: Curriculum Organized for Real Estate or CORE. We develop, publish, sell, and teach real estate curriculum for the average person through books, interactive workshops, train-the-trainer sessions, and more. We take a superhero approach at the home buying process and dedicate ourselves to helping those overcome the "Wrong" with "Right" by giving people the steps to have the "American Dream".   We know that the greatest losses of all are those that come from missed opportunities, which no one shoul