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Never Underestimate The Power of Momentum - August 21, 2015

Never underestimate the power of momentum Written by Nicholas Wallwork, August 21st, 2015 Have you ever look back at property market movements and wondered exactly why they happened? Have you ever delved deep into the minds of investors to see what made them change their mind and switch markets? If there is one thing which moves markets it has to be momentum. Fund flow follows momentum Momentum is often the catalyst for a change in direction of particular markets and once the momentum picks up fund flows will follow. This can have a major impact upon not only prices but also expectations and the way in which investors and sellers react. When you bear in mind the worldwide real estate market is worth billions upon billions of dollars can you imagine just a small shift in that amount of money and the impact it would have on a relatively small market? An example of momentum Dubai is often written about as a stereotypical rise and fall in the worldwide re

Amazon aiming to be the dressing room in your house - June 20, 2017

Amazon aiming to be the dressing room in your house published on June 20, 2017 - 2:07 PM Written by Associated Press (AP) — Amazon is hoping to claim more territory once held by department stores, essentially placing a dressing room in your house. The company, which has been making a big push into selling clothes, is testing a new service that lets members of its Prime program try on styles before they put items on their charge card — at no upfront fee. Customers have seven days to decide what they like, and then pay only for what they keep. Shipments arrive in a re-sealable box with a pre-paid label for returns. More than a million pieces of clothing and accessories are eligible, Amazon said Tuesday, including from brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Theory and Levi’s that are big names at the department stores. The program differs from what department stores like Macy’s and other fashion sellers offer— and even from the usual way of buying clothes on Amazon. De

Plunge in Housing Starts to Create ‘Emergency’? - June 19, 2017

Plunge in Housing Starts to Create ‘Emergency’? Daily Real Estate News | Monday, June 19, 2017    After strong single-family home starts earlier this year, new-home construction is showing signs of softening. The Commerce Department reports that housing starts nationwide, including single-family and multifamily production, dropped 5.5 percent month over month in May to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.09 million units. Single-family production alone decreased 3.9 percent last month to 794,000 units, and single-family permits, a gauge of future construction activity, was down 1.9 percent to 779,000 units. “Housing shortages look to intensify and may well turn into a housing emergency if the discrepancy between housing demand and housing supply widens further,” says Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS®. “The falling housing starts and housing permits in May are befuddling given the lack of homes for sale and the quick pace o

Builders Eye Converting Strip Malls Into Homes - June 19, 2017

Builders Eye Converting Strip Malls Into Homes Daily Real Estate News | Monday, June 19, 2017    Some home builders are turning away from undeveloped land in far-suburban and rural areas and targeting places once considered urban blight. “After all, more home buyers are seeking an urban lifestyle in walkable neighborhoods, so we have to get more creative where we find land,” Douglas Yearley Jr., CEO of Toll Brothers, said during a session at the National Association of Real Estate Editors conference last week. Yearley says Toll Brothers is finding land to build on by targeting failing shopping malls, defunct car dealerships, and aging office buildings. For example, Toll Brothers teamed up with Starwood Capital Group to clean up a blighted waterfront property under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and build a project that included a hotel and more than 100 luxury condos. Yearley also noted a redevelopment project in Hoboken, N.J., to convert a former Maxwell House Co

Prices of Softwood Lumber and OSB Keep Climbing - June 13, 2017

Prices of Softwood Lumber and OSB Keep Climbing By David Logan on June 13, 2017 • ( 0 ) The prices of softwood lumber and OSB increased by 2.2% and 3.3%, respectively, in May according to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI)  release  by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The increases were a return to the 2017 norm, as softwood lumber and OSB have led building materials price gains in every month except April, when gypsum prices rose 5.1%.  In contrast, prices paid for gypsum and ready-mix concrete fell for the first time since January, decreasing by 0.2% and 0.4%, respectively, in May. Unsurprisingly, the price of softwood lumber increased yet again in May.  The increase pushed the softwood lumber price index to its highest level since September 2004.  At that time, the prior U.S.-Canada softwood lumber trade dispute had been ongoing for over three years and prices had increased 38.5% since the expiration of the previous agreement in April 2001.  As shown below, the price

Trump to Strengthen Middle Class America

President Trump Vows to Strengthen Middle-Class Housing DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | FRIDAY, JUNE 02, 2017 National Homeownership Month kicks off this month, and President Donald Trump is pledging to strengthen the middle class by reducing rules and regulations and cutting taxes that he believes will help them become homeowners. Read about NAR's take on this :  Impact of Tax Reform Options on Owner-Occupied Housing This year’s theme for National Homeownership Month is “Find Your Place in a New Era of Homeownership.” "For generations of Americans, owning a home has been an essential element in achieving the American dream," Trump wrote in a  proclamation . "Homeownership is often the foundation of security and prosperity for families and communities and an enduring symbol of American freedom. These policies will unshackle our economy and create and sustain high-paying jobs so that more Americans have the resources and freedom they deserve to fulfill their

Do you need help paying your Utility bill?

PG&E Energy Assistance Agency and CARE program PG&E Energy Assistance Agency and CARE program Did you know that there are agencies in your area that could help provide you or your client with assistance in paying your utility bill? California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) customers are automatically eligible based on federal income guidelines to receive an assistance agency pledge so long as they have not received a recent pledge within the agency specified time frame. Go to  to learn more about PG&E’s CARE program and other assistance programs that can help you pay your energy bill. Additional programs: Learn about avoid the surprise of a high bill by signing up for Bill Forecast Alerts: Receive early warning notifications for high usage alerts when your usage is projected to trigger a surcharge: