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🟧🧿 Power of the Comprehensive Housing Commodity🧿🟧

🟧🧿 Power of the Comprehensive 
Housing Commodity🧿🟧

To be or NOT to be a Commodity, this is the πŸ”‘ Key Question for HOME❗️

while Equity is up, JOBS are not being able to keep up which is why no one is buying or selling homes unless they are forced to do so...

seeing the market prices increase another 5% this year is horrible for affordability for USA citizens...

How about a Moratorium on Foreign Purchasing of USA Real Estate until all US citizens’ have a home first....

Or create a barrier to entry that DISALLOWS foreigners to invest into real estate for ten years or until Balance of Housing is Equitable.

As far as the Stock Market is concerned... a HOME is not a commodity ...

and every HOUSE part is and has been a commodity for over 100 years...❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

Decisions can be made and tested ...

take the products that make a house a home off the commodity list, or we add “HOME” to the Stock Market as a Commodity since 46 to 60% of our Rentals are owned by Foreign Countries which is furthering the depression of the US Housing Market.... ask Black Knight Group!!!! 

The other way to stabilize is COST APPRAISALS which then places EVERY BUILDER on point.  

Time and Materials’ plus overhead ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️



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