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🟠 Reciprocity ♾ Laws 🧿

🟠 Reciprocity ♾ Laws 🧿

🔳 Serial Reciprocity 🔲
"Pay it Forward" Affect

🟣 Ubuntu (philosophy)
‘A person is a person through other people' Self Realization 🔴

🧿 Reciprocity (social and political philosophy) 🟠
concept of reciprocity as in-kind positive or negative responses for the actions of others; relation to justice; related ideas such as gratitude, mutuality, and the Golden Rule

🔵 Reciprocity (social psychology)🟡
in-kind positive or negative responses and actions of others
💠 Reciprocity (international relations) 🟢
principle that favours, benefits, or penalties that are granted by one state to the citizens or legal entities of another, should be returned in kind

🟢 Reciprocity (cultural anthropology) 💠
way of defining people's informal exchange of goods and labour

🟡 Norm of reciprocity 🔵
social norm of in-kind responses to the behavior of others

🟠 Empathy 🧿
the capacity to understand or feel

🔴 Reciprocity (evolution) 🟣
Mechanisms for the Evolution of Cooperation

🔲 Reciprocity (math) 🔳
states that, for any fraction, the Value Remains Constant.



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