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Sleep Apnea: Connecting the Dots

🧿Can you Connect the Dots?🟠

Sleep 💤 Apnea!
Cracked Teeth 🦷
🧩 Diabetes’s
Erectile Dysfunction 🔺🔻
🧠Mental Health
Bullying 👊

Balancing 🗣 Needs to Preserving, Letting Go & RePurposing 🎯 Situations allows the body to ReBalance Cognizant 🧿 Rhythym to Movement 🔥 of Muscular 🔺🔻Excretory Systems into Light💡 Matter Well🧬Being.

Voluntary 🌀 Trust & Understanding Calm Morale Grounding Transforms 🎯 Foundation ❤️ Intention to Achieve 🌟Balance ♾

🔺🧬👾Possibly for Sociology Case Study or Experiential Method to address the 🗣 Social, 🌀Behavioral, 💡Cognitive 💗 Emotional Implications that are typically associated in all People alike.

This can possibly assist in the long term studies for erectile the old saying goes... the more you overuse it, you lose it... 👾🧬🔻

Acting Out
Disruptive Tendencies

Note... 📝

Diabetes Respiratory may Assimilate Digestion & Immunity may impede Respiratory via Circulatory... 💭

Got Cracked 🦷 Teeth?

Or Mental Health...🧠 ASPD


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