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China DeValues Marketplaces WorldWide

πŸ”΄ Olympians or Mortals 🟣

Fortune πŸ₯  Cookie Wisdom says Experience & Adaptation are Life & Death to Success....πŸ¦‹

"RICH Team POOR Team, it's an UNFAIR GAME as we are all GUTTED" ⚖️

Flooding the Market with Dollarsome πŸ’΅ Falsity to DeValue what is already UNDERVALUED All Over the World is Hipocracy...πŸ’₯ and Harmful WorldWide.

WHAT CAN WE EA CAPITALIZE ON INDIVIDUALLY as Countries, 🌎🌏🌍, whether we are BILLIONAIRES or MINYONS... and Commoditize to the World ✨

🌐 CONSIDER each Global Leading Countries' OWN NATURAL INFINITE RESOURCES to which is EASILY PEACEFULLY traded.🌐

♻️how do YOU get to a healthyπŸ’²# number?
What's it Going to TAKE to get the DEAL done?πŸ’Ή

🟣How do WE ALL get to a TRUSTED Handshake and a WORD that means something?πŸ”΄

πŸŒ€WORK/BARTER/BARGAIN/RELEASE/find a way, PAYOFF Debts Workable Trade Offs (Infinite Commodities), Healthy Balanced 🌊 Way, keeps the 🧿 Circadian Cognizance 🧬 Muscular Movements of ALL Humans, Resolute in 🧩 Body, Mind & Spirit. πŸ”†

🌐Preserve Global Foundation in EACH COUNTRY ReBalance RePrioritize NEEDS with it own Sociological Deviance Data, attain Stratified, Social, Experiential & Organized Unity for Blissful Calm w Intention to Achieve Fiscal GlobalLocal Balance.πŸ’ 



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